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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

Overheard On LiveJournal
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For posting funny (and occasionally deep) things said on LiveJournal.
[ Created by _redpanda_/kielle ]
10-22-1972 — 9-22-2005

We continue to meta in her memory.

For posting funny (and occasionally deep) things said on LiveJournal.

"I don't watch the news anymore, I read Metaquotes." -- jolly_oddness here.

  1. Quotes must originate on LiveJournal.

  2. Quotes must be original -- eg. no quoting someone quoting Mark Twain. When in doubt, Google.

  3. You must credit quotes by linking the LJ post where you found 'em and the username of the quotee. ("Even 'Friends Only' posts?" Yes.)

  4. If you do quote from a locked/private entry, ask for permission. Let us know you got permission by adding "QWP" to your post.
    Public posts/comments don't need it.
    Quoting locked posts without permission is a bannable offense.

  5. Got several quotes? Don't spam -- use one post.

  6. Use the LJ-Cut for spoilers or really disturbingly offensive quotes. (Hint: the word gay is not offensive) MQ never was SFW, never will be.

  7. Keep 'em short -- if we have to click the scroll bar, it's too long. See LJ-Cut.

  8. General consensus: quoting yourself is lame. So there's another com for that. (Asking to be metaquoted? Dorktastic.)

  9. You've got 100 characters to set-up, comment on, or explain your quote if you really have to. That's the allowed length of a title slot, in case you need a shortcut.

  10. Namecalling makes you a bunchypantstupidhead. Just don't.

  1. Yes, we make exceptions for JournalFen funnies. Cope.
  2. Humorless whining about quotes you don't like is boring. Don't. However, feel free to mockity mock mock away.

Breaking these rules will result in A) deletion or B) merciless mockery.

Moderators: amalthya, amandathegreat, caprinus, jaie, shaysdays, vaspider. All of us have livejournal e-mail accounts.
Layout used from premade_ljs

Mods' Note: Yes, we may delete off-topic, unfunny, or rule-breaking posts, and we may ban users who can't follow the rules or who repeatedly give us grief. However, we may also make exceptions, because this is a fun com and we're nice that way. Also- there's mod posts with stuff maybe not covered here.

Best of MQ. (feel free to nominate others!)

worldoflj (Dude, I read this awesome post today...)
imquotes (OMG liek IM funnies :P)
livequotes ("If it weren't for my horse...")
rpgquotes (I want to cast Meta Missile!)
potterquotes (Potter Potter Potter Potter Potter; Weasley, Weasley!)
selfquotes (I am what is... meta.)
Metaquotes on Journalfen.

metamodslash (We're as terrified as you are.)

metaicons (icons made from metaquotes)
userpicks ("metaquote" great icons)


(thanks, active_apathy!)

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