Jeeps (glitterdemon) wrote in metaquotes,

"Oh would to god - Father Zeus, Athena, and lord Apollo - not one of all these Trojans could flee his death, not one, no Argive either, but we [Achilles and Patroclus] could stride from the slaughter so we could bring Troy's hallowed crown of towers toppling down around us - you and I alone!"
Clearly what he really wishes for is a world containing nothing but himself and his own glory, for Patroclus, whom he now sends out in his own armor, he regards as a part of himself. This solipsistic dream of glory - "everybody dead but us two," as a scandalized ancient commentator summarized it - so offended the great Alexandrian scholar Zenodotus that he condemned the lines as the work of an interpolator who wished to inject into the Iliad the later Greek idea (for which the text gives no warrant) that Achilles and Patroclus were lovers.

Yes, centuries ago at the great Library at Alexandria, people were going "OMG TEH HOT BOYSEX IT IS SO CANON!" "IS NOT IS NOT U R DELUSIONAL!"

Ah, fandom wankery. Your history is long and glorious.

- mirabellawotr
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