Laurie (lauriethemuppet) wrote in metaquotes,

XD hilarity

Ash: I'm sorry. I'm laughing way to hard to bother trying to type, so excuse the typos....I mean, I have this rather hilarious image of Voldmort needing to duck into the bathroom before a Death Eater meeting to get rid of the image of Hermione in lingerie out of his head.
Rhiannon:OMG. Voldie would feel it when do I phrase this...?
Ash: Yes. That's what I was trying to paraphrase, without totally destroying the the already lacking sense of respect I hold for the supposed "Dark Lord".
Rhiannon: LMAO funky wankin Harry. Thinking about Cho naked!
Ash: Explains why Lucius always has such a foul expression on his face. Voldie moaned Cho's name instead of his.
Rhiannon: Actually...if you go in for the "Harry is gay" thing- Sirius naked *would* explain Voldie's speech.
Ash:I cant believe, with such filthy minds as ours, that we didnt come up with this beforehand.
Rhiannon: Well, it was kinda inevitable.
Ash: Yes, it WAS coming, wasn't it?
Rhiannon: Someone call the pun police, Ashleigh's got a live one!
Ash: Oh, shut up. I'm trying to get the image of Hermione in lingerie out of my head. *scrubs her eyes with a toothbrush*

madamenileffrom the LJ of Ash
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