Oreph (hisgreyeyes) wrote in metaquotes,

Seriously, I'm not kidding. Beauty salons are scary. All the women came and sat around me like clawed, hungry vampires.
SALON WOMAN #1: I must give you a facial. AND ETERNAL LIFE.
MAYA: eeep.
SW#2: Wax her! wax her everywhere! I even have little tiny waxing strips for her eyebrows! and little tiny fangs for her THROAT!
MAYA: I don't, um, I've never waxed anything before...
SWs: ... Ahhhh! Is that a cross or a lifetime without beauty treatments you wave before us?!
SW#3: Lovely colour! What do you use?
MAYA: I... go outside in the sun?
SW#3: Ah... she is one of the mortals. She can walk in the sunlight. Yes, I remember... once, long ago...

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