Mephistopheles of Pancakes (gruyere) wrote in metaquotes,
Mephistopheles of Pancakes

Lexington Steele answers questions about his religious beliefs

In this post in wtf_inc, uberreiniger posted chunks of an interview with a porn star, along with his own commentary:

Yes, I am religious. I am Christian: Baptist. I grew up in as close to a Cosby-show lifestyle as you can get. Doing porno, on a repeated basis, I am committing adultery; I'm not married, so I'm fornicating for a living; I'm paid to have sex, which means what? I'm prostituting by definition. These are things I have to reckon with with my God on a daily basis. I knowingly do these things.
My decision to do porno has forced me to take my religion within: because of my job I am stronger in my relationship with God, because now I take God with me everywhere I go; if I don't, I'll fail! I didn't know that god blessed me with an abnormally large penis that allows me to make porno. But I feel blessed. I believe I am blessed because I am meant to please one woman for the rest of our lives together. True, I haven't met her yet.

You hear that? If you're going to have sex on a gold [sic - should be "golf"] course in Budapest with a girl whose ass is on fire, take God with you because if you don't, you'll fail!

The whole thing is pretty hilarious, so I suggest reading it.
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