Genny (secreteyes78) wrote in metaquotes,

Brief History:

I posted this on my journal and was talking to a friend on the phone while this thought came into my head. We were watching that show on MTV called I Want To Look Like A least that's what I think it's named. Anyways, this girl wanted to look like Pam Anderson/Lee so that she could become a centerfold for Playboy. So she paid to get breast implants, lipo in her chin region and lip implants. That's where this random comment came to my mind.

Insane pointless random thought here:

Why would anyone want to get lip implants? One of two things people will think when you get lip implants: 1) Her/His lips got sucked up in a vacuum cleaner hose or 2) She/He was trying to practice giving head on their vacuum hose and it accidentally went on...either of those are very bad devious thoughts.

I must stop watching MTV now that I'm old. *thump*
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