sometimes gladness (ffenest) wrote in metaquotes,
sometimes gladness

From a locked post, with permission from super_pup.

holidays omgwtf!!!!!

A Friday the likes of which I've not seen before.

Yes, that means I'm now on holidays. Two weeks! Oh, bliss. What shall I do? Ohhh, lofty thoughts, lofty thoughts! Softy lorts. Civil torts. Chocolate tortes. Corns and warts.


The dog woke me at the pi hour, 3:14AM, so I got up and opened the back door for him. Of course he went into another room. I closed the intervening doors, went to him, gave him a severe lecture, and suggested that for his professional development he should exit through the back door with a minimum of fuss. Reasonable creature that he is, he complied with my reasonable request. As a reasonable creature under the Queen’s Peace he is entitled to protection under the Law.
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