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Two from Celli...

From celli:

"The guy at the drugstore was very brave today. For serious. How many men would, when confronted with a woman in a hurry buying one item (a container of, quote, feminine products, unquote), would say 'You have a great day now!' He's got guts.

Not balls, because, you know, I ripped them off and stuck them up his nose. But guts."

And, on admitting, in public, that she eats Chef Boyardee out of the can:
I expected havocthecat, at the least, to be sending me Scary Looks. Heck, as-yet-unborn ChildofHavoc was probably saying, "Mom, can you talk to Aunt Celli? Please? I eat better than that, and I get my nutrition through my belly button."
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