Bake, Love, Kickbox. (sistermaryeris) wrote in metaquotes,
Bake, Love, Kickbox.

From a locked post by watericgun who is a court appointed lawyer:

Nastyyy clientses. Tricksy clientses. We Hatses the tricksy clientses. Filthy lying clientses. We putses them on deferred adjudication, GOLLUM. Not even probation, GOLLUM. They screw it up. GOLLUM. Then nasty tricksy clientses go to jail ::dance::

At one point, the rant followed the movie more closely:
Gollum: "What is it saying, Legal Smeagol, my love? Is legal Smeagol losing her nerve? [in front of Judge C's bench]
Legal Smeagol: No! Not! Never! Legal Smeagol hates nasty clientses! Legal Smeagol wants to see them...plead!

Hehe... I'd let her be my lawyer any day!
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