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On the weather and climate of Southern Ontario and Western New York

As seen in Coresti's post, which was unlocked so I could post it here. ^_^

coresti: Oh yes. Coming back into school today was a mistake. Evil evil evil. The weather is terrible, piled on with homework and shit, and the only reason I came back today was for the chem lab, WHICH WE DIDN'T EVEN END UP HAVING!!!!!!

Me: If it's any consolation, the weather here ain't much better. They're calling for more of this stuff to appear tomorrow...

It's only spring according to the calendar; in reality is another story...

Coresti: No, we don't have spring. We have Cold, Watery Cold, Blistering Cold, and DAMN!!!! THAT'S FUCKING COLD!!!!

Ain't it the truth...
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