Fearless O'Toole, Last British Columbian Pirate (kimera) wrote in metaquotes,
Fearless O'Toole, Last British Columbian Pirate

yet another tPotC-related quote...

"Does it really have subtitles?"
"Yeah. There's a level of reality that isn't necessary for movies."
"Does anyone SPEAK aramaic? Is there anyone that could understand it?"
"Well, a lot of people do now, because they had to learn it for the movie."
"Yeah, so they know useful phrases, I'm sure. 'We're going to hang you!'"
"I was thinking more of, 'Judas, you betrayed me!'"
"No, Mary, not now."
"I've been resurrected!"
"Excuse me, your cow is on fire."
"Have you seen my messiah?"

**You'll note that my grasp of Jesus' story is somewhat less coherent than my sister's. I do know they didn't hang him. I'm not totally sure how many Marys there were. And the burning cow is a reference to a spanish class I didn't take. Please don't tell me anything about the bible. I'm going to read it someday and I don't want to have the ending spoiled.

~ starandrea
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