Rosencrantz (crantz) wrote in metaquotes,

my fiancee is one. I'll have to get her this shirt. It's probably accurate.

Was doing some shopping today when I came across a rack of horoscope shirts that gave descriptions of the sign in a flattering tag line. Purely out of curiosity (since horoscopes, in my mind, are as useful as penis enlargement spam - occasionally entertaining) I searched for a Scorpio shirt. After pushing my way though a pile of Geminis (witty, creative, artistic), and Taurus (loving, friendly, kind) I finally came across a Scorpio. "Stay away, moody, possessive, secretive"

>.> I now feel inspired to make my own horoscope shirt. It would read, "Scorpio: I eat babies" or maybe, "Scorpio: Wanted for sex crimes in 43 states" Mmn. Maybe in keeping with the evil secrecy of my sign, I should henceforth claim to be a Saggatarius...

-inkysweet whom I love.

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