Mindset (mindset) wrote in metaquotes,

"In about an hour I'm finally going to be interviewed over the phone by a prospective employer.... I was first contacted about this job last week while I was in Evansville buying comics. To prepare for the interview I went to Evansville yesterday and bought a book on Java. I came back and learned that I'd missed another call from another company, so there's someone else I have to call back. Maybe President Bush is right about the economy. If I go out and spend money on goods and services, businesses will have more money to invest in things like, say, a new computer database to track inventory or whatever. This creates more demand in the tech sector, which encourages people to hire more computer programmers! It worked! It actually worked! You're a genius, Mister Pres--oh, screw it, I'm still voting for Kerry." -- jim_smith
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