deadspiders (deadspiders) wrote in metaquotes,

irradiatedsoup watched 'Once Upon A Time In Mexico'. This post contains her initial reactions.

*film starts*

Oh lookie, he's all evil and pretty and GAH PUT IT BACK ON! -Oh he has two arms. I'm okAY! Pretend plastic arm aye? I sense fanfic fodder!


YAY! Johnny in a moustache telling small children to fuck off!


Enrique: "...I have a mole?"


Blah blah BANG BANG Expositon, sorry theres none of that, I mean explosions...


Huh. Scullfucking. I could have gone my whole life without-Oh dear, he's playing with that mans pan- he's going to . For THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY - Oh thankgo- OH NO *rolls sideways off chair*


Stop talking to girls Johnny, go find Antonio or Enrique and probe them. She's evil.


See? Taking your eyeballs out. I told you she was evil.

Who are these other people in this movie and why are they talking?

Mmmm, popcorny.
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