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Found randomly while surfing friendsfriends

For commodoresexual and the rest of our mad pirate crew: What better way to relax after a hard day of pillaging and plundering than a good round of monk riding?

(Click on it. It is so worth it.)

I love how the pirate on the left looks bored and pouty: "My monk isn't doing anything. Wah. Monk riding sucks. Why did I ever become a pirate anyway? All I ever get is the boring monks. Piracy sucks. "

Whereas the pirate on the right is all, "Hyahh! Onward, monk! onward! *whipcrack*" and the monk is all, "Uh, I'm going to crash into this other monk." *flailflail*

This must be why Capt. Sparrow impersonated a member of the Church of England. Monk riding.

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