The main character in this little soap opera (theladycrimson) wrote in metaquotes,
The main character in this little soap opera

Fun in Detroit and Windsor

dannie7982: i saw a girl puking out the side door of a van on our way back...
Stefan: lol! oh my gosh!
dannie7982: and i saw a girl getting fingerbanged in the bar... like 4 tables away from us
dannie7982: i saw it all last night
Stefan: Jesus!!!!
Stefan: I guess that you did.
dannie7982: and i saw jesus, too

"This is not Grand Theft Auto!!" *Might I just point out here...we only went down a one way street the one time. And it was 4 in the morning...only one other car around...all right, back to the quoting*

--Got extremely wasted and decided to go dance on the dancefloor with Karry... Nixed that plan after nearly contracting a venerial disease from too much humpage.

--Went back again... same results.

~babychiapet Locked post, quoted with permission
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