Dalia (daliahellyes) wrote in metaquotes,

From fandom_chat

lionessfreedom : Hey
lionessfreedom: Know what most people don't talk about much?
lionessfreedom: Pussy farts.
sam42: *splorf*
daliahellyes: that vagina fart reminds me of something
lionessfreedom: LMAO, oh?
lulla_belle1208: what can a vagina fart remind you of?
daliahellyes: when some guy was complaining that his girlfriend's boob farted while they were having sex
lionessfreedom: ROFLMAO, HOW??
sam42: boob fart? WTF?
dumbassturtle: wtf?
lionessfreedom: There's no OPENING
lulla_belle1208: the hell?
daliahellyes: well im guessing, from the sweat
dumbassturtle: haha
sam42: that's just suction!
daliahellyes: you know like you can make your armpit fart
daliahellyes: yeah well guys are stupid
lulla_belle1208: she had to have a nice rack...
lionessfreedom: Ja but... kay, she must have had, like, HUGE tits
lulla_belle1208: and in a weird position
daliahellyes: huge sweaty farting tits
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