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In defense of free-range reading: the demands of a "cushy job".
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full_metal_ox wrote in metaquotes
hazelnut96's credentials as a school librarian:

I am a professionally certified teacher. I passed all required tests.
I possess 2 college degrees, a Bachelors in English, a Masters in Library Science and Information Studies. I got these certifications and degrees by reading what I was REQUIRED to read and to study, so I could pass the tests.

I am a professional reader, by choice. (I'm not kidding--BY CHOICE--there are many Media Specialists who don't read ANYTHING.)
I will read 3 picture books, 2 juvenile chapter books, 1 or 2 young adult books, an adult-level book,ALL in the span of 10 days or so.

I can read Dr. Seuss rhymes to Pablo Neruda in his native Spanish. I can decipher Chaucer and Dante. I can allude historical times and personages to Don McLean's "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie." I can recite Shel Silverstein's "Dreadful" poem from heart. I can tell you why Miss Nelson is Missing.

I can do all of the above because I was allowed to read whatever I wanted, when I wanted. I can do all the above because I had a librarian, a Media Specialist who encouraged my explorations, who deterred my lazier choices, and always always always advocated for choosing books according to personal choices. I can do the above because I had a Media Specialist who taught me how to read, critique and understand what I read.

And that's what I want to imbue to children. Freedom to read, freedom to think, freedom to choose.

The context is a glorious manifesto well worth reading in full.

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Lovely! Something that all librarians (and teacher) should aspire to.

And why they should get a lot *more* respect (and pay) than they do.

Someone ate the baby! It's rather sad to say. Someone ate the baby, so... she won't be out to play.

I think that's Dreadful, anyway. I had to think for a bit.

I can appreciate this post because, while I did not have family who were librarians or anything... I do have a grandmother who was a teacher (retired now), and I come from a family of avid, rabid readers, and grew up in a house in which there were books in every single room (even rooms that were not, strictly speaking, rooms... like hallways) and a mother and a grandmother who always encouraged me to read, read, read, read.

I had that sort of upbringing, too--to the point that I literally do not remember a time when I was unable to read; one of my earliest dim infantile memories is of having flash cards shoved in my face.

Being grand-niece (on at least two counts), daughter, niece, aunt, and aunt-in-law to teachers, and sister-in-law to a librarian...yeah. I'd say there's a family tradition. (I was an adult by the time I ever heard the tired old crack about how [U.S.] teachers get to have three-month vacations.)

Oh wow, this is absolutely fantastic. :D Hooray for all school media specialists!

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