full_metal_ox (full_metal_ox) wrote in metaquotes,

Don't stand so close to me...

One of dochermes's anonymice helpfully supplies context for a lurid old paperback cover:

"Now Ms. Brown, you know a professor and a student in this position is highly improper. And do not think this will cause me to not fail you.

"Of course not professor, but when the school board sees the photographs I am having taken, they will have no choice but to fire you and declare my grades invalid."

"Silly girl, the school board is dead, I poisoned their doughnuts myself. Now I am the school board. And as the first order of business, your expulsion from this school."

"That might frighten me, if I was a real student.


"I am not Ms. Brown, I am undercover officer Patricia Wiliby, and you professor, just gave me the big break."

Having been outsmarted by one he had regarded as an air headed blonde, the Professor drank vial of dihydrogen monoxide and fell over. But officer Wiliby had monitored in chemistry at police school,and thus took the fool away for a long sit in jail.

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