Keith (onyxtwilight) wrote in metaquotes,

The safeword is "nap."

In a locked post (QWP), rio_luna reacts to 50 Shades of Gray:
. . . to add to the shame, the book I finished was none other than "50 Shades of Gray," which is so very, very, very bad. I mean bad bad. It is absolutely mommy-porn for the mom-jeans crowd, a Harlequin romance with a safeword and leather. But I get the appeal: handsome rich guy gets a boner for you and wants to buy your affections with lavish gifts and hot sex and physical abuse. I can feel the joy of every married suburban mom who ever dealt with husbands asking "why should I feed the kids? They didn't say they were hungry, so...," or kids who makes demands all freaking day: a studly sadist who is okay with ordering more takeout, you bet. Sounds like heaven. He wants to flog me? Can I lay down during that? Knock yourself out, Mephisto.

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