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An important worldsmithing detail: culture-specific parental nagging.

A stray thought from mrissa:

So I just watched the ending of S1 of The Legend of Korra, and this is where I knew I could say a thing about it to someone else who had seen it:

In the last episode of S1, I had a moment where I said out loud to markgritter, "No! I don't believe that for a moment!" He eyebrowed at me, and I said, "Water Tribe girls do not leave the door open when they go! Just, no. That's not how they do. It's like, Water Tribe parents shout after them, 'Shut the damn door, what, were you raised in an Air Temple?'"

So now "Were you raised in an Air Temple?" has entered our household lexicon.

jimhines's review of the first two episodes of Legend of Korra provides context.

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