Katherine (cactus_rs) wrote in metaquotes,

Of the people, by the people, for the people, eagle!

hrhqod1 votes:

Okay, so I have my absentee ballot. And I have the accompanying candidate literature. As you all know I am a “big supporter” of the Republican Party. You may remember that in March, the GOP sent me a GOLD card, with an accompanying letter telling me to hold it in my hands and imagine life with a Conservative Majority.

Thus, some conservative organization sent me my marching orders on how to ... vote this November. If I read the graphic presentation of this lit piece correctly, I am supposed to vote for the Ghost of Ronald Reagan and his running mate the Bald Eagle. The two of them will be moving into the White House, from their current habitat inside in the Liberty Bell. They live there together, as roommates in a totally non-gay way.

Once elected, they will work to Restore Freedom. They will also appoint their neighbor the Gadsden Snake to be Secretary of the Treasury or maybe Secretary of State. I am unclear about this last bit. It is also possible that Ronnie and Sam will disavow any knowledge of their friend Snakey, and continue to run up the debt.

Context loves freedom, QWP.

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