Darchangel Skye (writinchica2k) wrote in metaquotes,
Darchangel Skye

So this clusterfark of an sf_d post (warnings for body issues, bullying, classism, sexism, hell everything in the book) brings us this thread at least:

leikomgwtfbbq: It looks like Slenderman's daughter going out to trick-or-treat dressed as Minnie.
lost_garnet: It must be hard for her to make friends. :( Especially at Halloween.
leikomgwtfbbq: Slender-child slowly stalks towards the door of Mrs Williams' house. Her gait, as always, is a clumsy one; moving on this plane is strange, as if one were trying to walk in zero gravity with a weight strapped to their back.
The Slenderman is proud. He hopes Slender-child can make friends. She should be able to; she's a friendly kid, and she's been studying the human children long enough. Children like this strange mouse character, so he toiled long and hard to make her this costume. He hopes it's to everyone's liking; Slender-child loved it. (If he had a mouth, it would be spread into an ear-to-ear grin, but alas, he has no way to beam in pride and love for his child.)
And nobody should notice her lack of face tonight. She's wearing a mask, after all, and he thinks he got it right while he was making it. Besides, it's a mouse face, not a human face--who would notice the emptiness beneath it?
The human children scatter, screaming and flailing and panicking.
Slenderman looks up, sighing inwardly. He knows what has happened--exactly what he hoped would not happen--and when Slender-child returns, silently shaking with her invisible tears and mute cries, he collects her into his over-long arms and gives her a piggyback ride home.
Perhaps one day, he will be able to find a friend for his poor lonely child.
Perhaps next Halloween, when the moon is high and the fog is low, they will meet another masked monster and invite it to their wooded home to play.
And they will smile, invisibly.

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