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Developmental disability is a hand Nature deals some people; *stupid* is a lifestyle choice.

Another war story of life on the spectrum, courtesy of dungeonwriter:

Dear ladies,

Yesterday, you were using a study room and were asked to leave because the room was scheduled to be used for a special testing exam. You left, and loudly said you can't believe you had to leave the room for a "retard." I heard you from across the hall.

The retard in question is me. I have disabilities and I needed the room for my test. I walked past you and past the room so you wouldn't see me walk into the room. I didn't want to confront you because I do not like confrontation anymore. I'm too tired with accomplishing my dreams to have a fight. And maybe it's because I went into the bathroom and cried and didn't want to cry in front of anyone.

So here is what I wanted to say. I don't need your pity. I don't need you to check your privilege, I really don't care for the expression. I don't want your apology.

I just want you to know that it's people like you who make me work myself to death. And it's people like you who keep me fighting, and refusing to make excuses.

Every time I want to give up, I will think of you and keep fighting.


Context friendslocked and QWP.

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