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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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leaf.  wind.
athenemiranda wrote in metaquotes
stuntpilot99 in a comment on news:

Ah but you missed the other principle in Information Systems:

Marketing get involved, mention super whizzy version 2, with added bling(tm), and 2,000,000 extra users by Xmas, and profit margins will go up because we can target ads more tightly. Now the suits get involved because someone mentioned lots of $ signs.

It never works properly, alienates half the existing userbase, super whizzy v2 becomes slightly creaky-whizzy 0.3.1a, and bling(tm) apparently had a licensing problem and there's a technical problem with ad demographics that would require a ground up database rewrite that no one thought of (except the programmer who mentioned it, but was told not to be so negative). Two of the biggest selling points that most users actually wanted are just silently not there. Ever.

It now needs 1.5x the amount of processor and disk to serve the same product that has bits of 1.0 and 2.0 and sort-of creaks along in a roundabout way with some interesting regression bugs. Many sub-groups who weren't supposed to be impacted at all turn out to have been relying on never-advertised features and suddenly the place is a lot less attractive to them.

Profit margins go down as a few leave for X++ alpha, others for BorgBook etc. Most silently grumble along, but use the site a little less, and wonder why the sense of community seems to be steadily dying, and why are their friends all migrating to different new sites!

Six months later the company wonders why their standing overheads are noticeably up, yet profits, pageviews, users and margins are slightly down.

The following six months are spent getting back to precisely where they were - just in time for marketing to talk about super whizzy 3...

Meanwhile they receive a lawsuit for copying the look and feel of BorgBook(tm)(R), and another from Fruit for copying shiny buttons.

Welcome to "progress" (web version) :)

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This sums it up perfectly.

I do like the new look in MQ here at least.

Thank you! I put the credit in the userinfo, only think I tweaked were the userheads- still can't figure out how to get them back to normal.

...except now it appears that every journal with custom comment pages--EVERY SINGLE ONE--has had them spontaneously switch back.

What the hell, LJ.

*cue scary Uh-Oh music*

Well, it's back to normal...for now.

To get userheads back to normal, comment out styles for .ljuser img

You find the best quotes.


Comments be damned, your icon still makes me cry.

IKR? It seemed appropriate for the solemn occasion.

I'd totally use BorgBook.

TOTALLY, I'm gonna get myself assimilated just as soon as it's out of beta.

OMG! Totally stealing that icon. <3

While I think removing preview and subthread expansion was dumb and I hope they fix it, and I'm not a fan of every site trying to look as much like Facebook as possible, I have to say this isn't the most horrendous social networking site design overhaul I've seen. Facebook's recently making their braindead "top news" algorithm non-optional and the "YO DAWG WE HEARD YOU LIKE FACEBOOK SO WE PUT ANOTHER LITTLER FACEBOOK IN YO FACEBOOK SO YOU CAN FACEBOOK WHILE YOU FACEBOOK" is worse, and Last.FM's major switcheroo that dumped a crapload of functionality is still the gold standard for fucking up a site design. The DeviantArt 7 fiasco is probably worse too (though that was made worse by an utterly hamfisted reaction to user complaints).

The things I miss by ignoring most of the internets! I can believe it, though.

Hmm...looking over at the posts on lj-releases and news, it looks like they may be fucking up the reaction to user complaints just as badly. Especially since the head of LJ Russia seems to be talking shit about English users in Russian over on his Twitter.


I always find it bitterly amusing when an Internet exec gets caught saying something stupid on Twitter or some other public messaging system like they assume nobody's watching.

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