The Queen of Sheeeba (big_girl) wrote in metaquotes,
The Queen of Sheeeba

Surfing randomly I came across a man watching NASCAR

He decided to write a letter to Charles D. Strang, NASCAR Commissioner. An excerpt:

In short, NASCAR needs more power ups. In comparing this race to, say, a hard fought round of Mario Kart 64, a number of deficiencies are apparent. Mario Kart drivers have access to a series of weapons: banana peels to cause spinouts of opponents, turtle shell shaped missiles of both plain and guided varieties, mushrooms for bursts of speed, and stars to cause opponents to become small and useless while the driver with the star becomes extra fast and temporarily invulnerable.

Think of the possibilities! Popular drivers could make magical comebacks in the final laps with judiciously placed stars and mushrooms. Unpopular drivers could find banana peels spinning them out at the vital moment. Your scripts could be so much more varied than the usual formula of round and round and round and crash and round and round and round.


P.S. this is my first post here. I hope I haven't broken any rules.
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