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seriousfic is critical of DC Comics' recently announced decision...
exclamation mark
mcity wrote in metaquotes target males 18-34.
box_in_the_box points out the holes in the claim.

Quite seriously, if you can't manage to make superheroes cater equally to both genders, without alienating one or the other, when fucking MY LITTLE PONY can do it, you're too goddamned dumb to deserve to even a fraction of the big bucks that the people in charge of these franchises are earning to premise over their ever-shrinking audiences.

  • 1 is this different from their regular target audience?

I giggled over processing an order for a Henry McCoy today.

I took checks from a Louis Wu and a John Crichton when I worked at the grocery.

(OK, not comics but same principle.)

No, no, see, they're expanding their target audience to include males 18-34 who aren't white. In another 50 years or so, once they have this whole race thing figured out, then maybe they'll decide to target chicks, too. One step at a time, you know.

Okay, I give up. That was physically painful to type. Why was it I stopped buying comics again? Oh, right. They killed off most of my favorite characters and then turned the rest into darker and edgier pod people. Jerks.

They killed off most of my favorite characters and then turned the rest into darker and edgier pod people.

DING! DING! DING! We have a winnah! Jerks.

So, is DC still going by that old (bullshit) adage that women are "just not interested in superhero narratives?"

Because, if so, I think Sunrise needs to come over and beat DC senseless with the comically large piles of money they've been making off of women (along with just about everyone else) with Tiger & Bunny

Trust me, DC: We bitches love that superhero shit when you package it right

Commenting on chicks who dig superhero narratives (because it's true), mentioning Tiger & Bunny, and you have a Shizuo icon--all in one comment?

Needless to say, you are an awesome, awesome person.

Well cause, y'know, girls are only into stuff like that to please thier boyfriends or to find a guy or because of Twilight or-

Okay, can I stop now? I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

Haven't you heard? Women are naturally repulsed by speculative fiction unless you cover it with a thin veneer of sparky vampires and Mormon abstinence fetishism. Or Chris Hemsworth's pecs.

You still won't be able to get them to remember what Mjolnir is.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
...this is a thing of beauty.

To be fair, I have a feeling the response of men in the MLP:FIM fandom was completely unintentional. Awesome, but unintentional.

But, MLP hasn't neglected a demographic like DC is trying to do. I just think it's an unfair comparison.

MLP wasn't aiming for men, but creator Lauren Faust WAS aiming for something that parents could watch with their daughters and also enjoy, rather than gritting teeth for half an hour (which is the case for most kids crap out there).

Uh wait, aren't... aren't they... putting pants on all the ladies as part of their generally terrible redesigns?

I don't... understand... *brain oozes out ears*

Don't forget the new and improved Harley Quinn outfit. Those... those aren't trousers.

Quote's ableist use of 'dumb' makes me grit my teeth hard, but the sentiment in the whole quote as a piece, I agree with.

Is it at all possible to insult an individuals intelligence without being ableist? Because really, sometimes it's just...necessary.

(Deleted comment)
Now, now. Let's be fair. Lauren Faust is really good at the broad, cross-gender outreach. She has this knack, you see, of making characters whose interest and popularity aren't so much defined by their genders as it is who and what they are.

DC has entire stables of artists and writers who aren't capable of that much. Since one would think that a corporation like DC would be very, very interested in making money, and would jump, just JUMP, at talents capable of that sort of skill, we must therefore assume that Faust is damn near unique.

I mean, the only other explanation is that DC Comics's been headed by utter, utter idiots all this time - run, in fact, by an asylum comprised of either oversexed and overgrown fanboys whose idea of a "perfect women" involve proportions too outlandish to even exist in biological and physical reality, or corporate shills who think that pandering to the fanboy echo chamber is a liberal and daring fiscal strategy, rather than the economically conservative and cultural clusterfuck it really is, as well as THE primary long-term cause of DC's slow, continual, and rapidly accelerating decline into cultural irrelevance...

...but nobody can be that dumb.

DC's writers are actually very capable, intelligent folk.

Their editors, too. (At least, the ones I knew before the great WE'RE MOVING TO LA! purge...)

It's the higher-ups who seem to hate making money who try and sabotage everything.

They're still paying Rob Liefield.
That's all that needs to be said about the idiocy that is DC.

What blows MY mind is the fact that Rob Liefeld's comics once broke sales records.

I'm still pissed they canceled Gotham City Sirens.

I can't tell what's worse: this or how Marvel treated all of the female characters in X-Men 3! Do they not realize a good chunk of Batman, Superman, and Justice League fans are female? I know Smallville just ended but they have to realize how much Lois Lane and Chloe Sullivan had to do with it's success. Would Christopher Reeve's Superman had been so interesting without the love of his life? I think not!

But let's be honest: as a Marvel and an X-Men fan, I have to ask whether anybody really views the films in any way except to try and pretend they never happened?

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