Amelia (padparadscha) wrote in metaquotes,

bean_bunny is traumatized by the beginning of Mass Effect 2:

Without spoiling too much, they started to reconstruct Shep.

And I'm like, "NO! You can't just reconstruct my Shep! What if you mess up something and make her not her!? There's more to her than just to her face! Her favorite color is green! And her best friend is Garrus! And she likes to put her Pandora on light rock while she reads her email, and Wrex makes fun of her for it. She hates Old Yeller because it made her cry as a kid. She likes peanut butter and peppermint and coffee but not chocolate, unless it's Tali's Quarian rum bark which she makes every Flotilla Day. One time she tried to keep a frog on the Normandy, but Dr. Chawkwas found it, and -- "

Then I realized that I had found the only instance in history when a person would benefit from getting up, walking away, and fucking around on the Internet.

Context is f-locked, quoted with permission, and loves customizing characters.
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