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LJ's Catch of the Day- Served Fresh Daily!!

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Travel is Enlightening
Brad @ Burning Man
bradhicks wrote in metaquotes
tacit: "... we headed out to a cafe to meet other kinky Londoners, of whom there are rather a lot, the bitter northern winters leaving little to do for three months out of the year save for either practicing being dour or stringing one another up for kinky sex. (The same, it must be said, is also true of Portland, where kinky sex is what serves in place of a state religion.)"

Context QWP.

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Dies The Fire, right?
After I got done grumbling about how precisely the Change was tailored (by the author and/or whoever) to produce a certain scenario without any other logical consequences of messing with the fundamental laws of physics, and likewise how tidily the opposing factions were set up, one of my frequent thoughts was "god DAMNIT, Three Mountains."

Yup. Later, on a trip to Portland, I couldn't help but squee a little as I recognized all the spots that were in the book. But yes, the author fails to take into account I-5, the HUGE military bases in Washington (indeed, WA gets short shrift when they would actually be the ones to set up the empire - they already have army, navy, a ton of seafood from the inlets and no bad winters to kill people off) and there are many other things that wouldn't have gone the way he thinks.

The fact that the people of Oregon are batshit crazy is not one of them. This critic was like: "Oh, come on! Are we really supposed to believe that there'd be that many people whose response to this would be to shrug and pull out the axe and broadsword from under there bed with a "Welp, time to start laying the smack down"? And I was just like: "Um... actually, yes. Yes there are. Really. You have no idea."

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