Simone Jester (simonejester) wrote in metaquotes,
Simone Jester

What war on Christmas?

I usually glance through my spam folder before emptying it, just to make sure there's nothing in there that I want. Today, as I was doing that, I noticed the title of one of them was "Dick's Sporting Goods snubs Christmas". I decided I'd take a look at it and, yeah, it's one of those moronic messages from the lunatic fringe wherein apparently a store having Holiday sales, where they recognize that there are all kinds of people celebrating all kinds of holidays at this time of year -- you know, that there are holidays other than Christmas -- is oppression and persecution against Christians. Because refusal to discriminate against everyone who's not Christian is exactly the same as discriminating against Christians.


Context would like to wish you a happy holiday season. ;)

Quoted with permission.

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