Tice with a J (lodo_bear) wrote in metaquotes,
Tice with a J

This is what you get for talking too much about your hair

Over in bad_rpers_suck, erevlace posted some purple prose. aten_ra posted a response:

Melted white chocolate gracefully fall down over her dainty head and past her shoulders.

She has white hair and damn, is it greasy.

The glorious ribbons of a pearly shade are made from silk-spun fabric for only angels to wear.

She wears white silk ribbons in her hair that she stole from a church, the bitch.

Such beautiful consistency playfully, yet courteously, invites affection and rekindles the youth in one to run their fingers through it.

Hairstylists both young and old would love to fix this mess.

The greedy desire to bury oneself into her elegant locks is only magnified when she twirls these elegant feathers around her slender finger.

Not only is it greasy near the scalp, it's thin and wispy.

The velvety curtain glistens in a shade of molten moonlight as the strands slither straight down until the small of her back.

The non-greasy part is white, too, and the separation of sections of hair due to said grease makes it look like she has snakes hanging down her back.

The most interesting quality of this veil is its ability to shimmer into swirls of silver, hued with aquamarine paint, sparkling sapphire liquids, and glistening amethyst cascade over her shoulders all at once.

She uses a fuckton of multi-coloured product and glitter instead of shampoo.

At the slight turn of her head, silk-spun locks are sent curling to the rhythm of the air.

Surprisingly, she doesn't use hairspray, so it does at least move.

The captivating sight of the mist cast about her soft cheeks changing from pearls to jewels is one that coaxes men and women to do her bidding.

Her bad dye-job starts around cheek-level and it's so pathetic-looking, that people humour her out of pity.

The cascade of blue stars is rarely seen twisted into some absurd hairstyle. It flows most naturally down the elegant curve of her spine, untouched.

She can't be arsed to style or brush it.

I think this character got into a fight with her little sister at craft time.

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