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Lord help me, I left kayloulee alone in the kitchen
One Way
highlyeccentric wrote in metaquotes
ME: HMMM. This looks delicious! But where are the vegetables? And why is there only cheddar cheese? And no herbs at all?

RECIPE: Hey, don't ask me, I'm in a kids' cookbook from the nineties. And zucchini is totally a vegetable, you heathen child. Herbs? What are herbs?

ME: Zucchini does NOT count. It is not food and I will not have it.

RECIPE: What. Whatareyoudoing. WHY are you doing that do what I tell you and get an adult to help you with the chopping.

ME: *adds thyme, parsley, mozzarella and parmesan cheeses, capsicum and carrot to the mix*

RECIPE: *cries for its mother*

Context has conveniently made enough for my lunch tomorrow

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Sounds like my kitchen, only that I go "I don't believe you!" *fires up google* "See? 65% of recipes agree that there should be less water!"
*cookbook sobs quietly in a corner*

I don't know why I even still buy these cookbooks. Oh right, for the food porn.


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Anyone who thinks zucchini isn't food hasn't eaten my mother's breaded fried zucchini. Mmmm.

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I just made one for the first time - it was very well received!

Check out this recipe (I forget how to do pretty links!) -

Zucchini is amazing, though.

Maybe this is the Englishness inside me, but any receipe that involves cheddar cheese is on to a winner.

All those herbs and vegetables are just messing up the cheese.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm hungry for cheese on toast.

Zucchini is very sad that you don't love it, and promises that it will do better.

I vote that you (well, really, anyone) try what my northern Italian grandmother did: cook zucchinni in pan with olive oil and onions until almost entirely cooked. Add beaten egg, mix up until egg is cooked. Devour.

Yes! I've done that without the egg. Add some mushrooms and chopped-up sausage and pour the whole mixture over pasta, and it becomes dinner.

I made it for a dinner party once. My friends were concerned that the pasta didn't have any sauce. They were quickly disabused of this notion.

I have my suspicions that there is actually only one zucchini plant. The rest of them are just the same plant in quantum displacement.

Agreed. Just like Larry Boy and the Rumor Weed.

I have a children's cookbook from the 70s and when I first read through it, I couldn't believe the things they considered 'edible'.

Like the recipe for a French-toastified peanut butter and jelly sandwich. o.O I actually tried that one on my son (who'll eat just about anything) but it was so difficult to make I haven't made it again.

I love the things they tell you to get a grownup to help you with in the kitchen. I was making chopped onion and ham omelets before I was ten.

I tell people that there are two broad categories of things considered food that I will not, under any circumstances, actually eat:

1. Invertebrates
2. Zucchini

My mother loves zucchini, and we have discovered that I will eat things she puts zucchini into ... but when I'm done, I will have eaten around the zuke itself.

Yeah, my dad had me making fried eggs and chips in the deep fryer when I was nine ... sure, he watched, but I wouldn't call what he did helping by any stretch of the imagination. (Yes, as Scots we teach our children to deep fry potatoes before we teach them all that airy-fairy mashing or boiling or baking or roasting stuff. ;) )

I have to agree with the zucchini hate. I am one of the least picky eaters I know. I will try something once, many things a second chance even if I didn't like it the first time. But not zucchini. I have tried it raw, fried, in numerous dishes, and I have given up on the stuff. The exception is if it is in chocolate zucchini bread. The chocolate counteracts the evil or something.

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