i'll put my hands on the truth, by god! (the_drifter) wrote in metaquotes,
i'll put my hands on the truth, by god!

All should head over to ladyjaida's journal for her hi-frickin-larious guides to Harry Potter, Wiess Kreuz, and Lord of the Rings. Highlights include:

Fic Author: Sirius put eyeliner on.
Jaida: What?
Fic Author: And shiny leather pants.
Jaida: Why?
Fic Author: Suddenly, Remus was behind him.
Jaida: How?
Fic Author: With glitter.
Jaida: Huh?
Fic Author: "Oh Sirius," Remus said. "I love you passionately to the tunes of David Bowie."
Jaida: Help?
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