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Saying goodbye to 2009
deadrose wrote in metaquotes
archanglrobriel has feelings for the passing year:

"I'ma push old father 2009 down on the front lawn as the reaper makes for him, and sit on his legs to make sure that skinny sumbeeyotch with the scythe actually gets the job done. Then I'ma cut off his head and his right hand and take out his heart and bury him face down at a crossroads with a stake through his heart. Then I'm gonna re-route a stream to pass over his gravesite so he's always beneath running water. I want to encase this decade's final resting place in cement, inside which I'll put a nuclear waste container. I want to invent universally understood pictographs to ensure that nobody ever, ever, ever opens that vault too. I want 2009 to be dubbed "the year we don't speak of" for all time, like that Egyptian pharaoh that everybody got so mad at that they went in after they'd killed him and hacked up any statue bearing his likeness and chiseled out any mention of his name ANYWHERE. That. I am that level of OVER IT about 2009."

Context is seriously over it. QWP.

True that. And then some.

(Deleted comment)
I am sorry for your losses. :( Sent up a prayer now for you. (Or if you don't like prayer, consider someone sending up good thoughts and care.)

The last year of the decade is 2010, but aside from that I am with you.

(Deleted comment)
Personally loved 2009, but that was totally awesome.


The year started with my dad's cancer diagnosis. The year is ending with his death and memorial planning.

And that isn't even all the bullshit I had to deal with this year. OVER IT about 2009, indeed.

:( I am sorry for your loss.

Feeling some deja-vu, didn't we have a similar post end of 2008?

I hope 2010 is better for everyone! It seems these last couple of years have been increasingly horrible for most people.

And in 2007. And 2006. And probably 2005 as well. But those years deserved it as well. I consider the whole decade to be write-off, personally.

God damn right. I've had friends and family with brain tumors, aneurysms, eye surgery, mono, near-heart attack, DEATH, MORE DEATH, I'm forgetting things, and...

I need a drink.

Fuck yeah, I'll drink to that!

Fukkin' signed, man. I don't really like looking back on the year and marking time by psych crash after crash, hospitalization after... well yeah.

2009 can go FOAD. Preferably in a large explosion.


Well, FOADIALE, but close enough.

Man, his whole decade has just been one shitstorm after another.

2010 better bring us all puppies and candy. Candy that gives superpowers.