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That's what
tweeti wrote in metaquotes
whyaduck finds true happiness:

"No matter how bad tonight has been, it's all better now through the judicious application of bacon."

QWP - the whole darn post.

While I am ecstatic for whyaduck I am also left to wonder as if this is why, being Jewish as I am, I'm also so damend moody.

(the above comment is not made to be taken entirely seriously...)

Aaaah, bacon. Is there nothing you can not improve?

This is a good point. I'm having Bacon tonight.

(Deleted comment)

Re: "Why-a no chicken?"

Apart from the good mood of a pig.

*insert "push button, receive bacon" icon here*

One of the saddest days of my life was when my doctor told me, "and you have to reduce the sodium in your diet."

Whaaaaa! Bacon, I miss you!

Search for sweet-cure bacon! It's difficult to find, but delicious! (and much lower sodium).

It is the Candy of Meats.

I am so glad I don't like bacon. I've got horrible enough eating habits as-is.

...this would explain why sometimes I feel a need for a bacon and egg sandwich when I come home from work at midnight.

(and it IS a bacon icon. Look closely, there's bacon wrapped around the chicken!)

So, is that icon what happens when you leave your bacon & egg sandwich sitting too long?

Indeed, I've now become addicted to pasta carbonara as yet another way to gain access to bacon. :)

This post is perfectly suited for trashy_eats. In fact, had I not typed in the metaquote URL by hand, I would have thought this post was IN that community.

Bacon makes EVERYTHING better. Omnomnom

Goddamnit, now I want bacon and I don't have any in the house. :(

There's a little cafe in my office building that offers chocolate and bacon cookies, although they're really bacon cookies drizzled with chocolate. I had one yesterday. Not enough chocolate.

I recommend bacon as a dipper for chocolate fondue. Don't skimp on the bacon; the better the bacon, the better the experience.

Reminds me of the best redshirt line ever from Stargate: Atlantis. They're arguing over what Earth foods they miss the most, and one of them effectively ends the argument by saying, "Bacon. It's the food that makes other food worth eating."

And then they die, because they're redshirts.

That scene=one of my all-time favorite incidental SGA scenes. :D


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