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This sounds like the coolest essay ever.

The essay I'd really like to write would rattle along on tangents. But I feel somehow that "Romanticism was what happened when Art got around to having the hissy fit it'd always wanted" is not an acceptable thesis. Also it does not have three prongs. Unless they are things Romanticism was being angry at such as Everything, A Synonym For Everything, and Your Mom.

Or it could be kind of like this:

Classicism: For stately elegance, Just Add Water (TM). Also remember to color in the lines.
Romanticism: But I don't
The Enlightenment: Be reasonable.
Romanticism: Nooo! You never think about how
I feel! I hate you!
Baroque (to a lesser extent): Oh, and dear, why won't you dress up a little? A bit of gold here, a little gilt there, do something about your
hair, darling, honestly, and you could look quite nice, you know.
Romanticism: Nooo! It's

And the Industrial Revolution, which was not actually an art style-

Industrial Revolution: Can't you just taste the progress in the air?
Romanticism: Ew, tastes like pollution. Plus-you're

--schiarire, on an essay project.
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