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duckgirlie and themistoklis riffs on grammar.
Galadriel (Alan Lee illustration)
coco_waters wrote in metaquotes

duckgirlie Some people think bad grammar is sexy. Split your infinitives, bitch. You know what that does to me.

themistoklis Don't be stingy with those apostrophes, either. I've been waiting all week.

duckgirlie No gerunds before marriage. I'm still a lady.

themistoklis I'm saving myself. Please, don't tempt me with dangling modifiers.

duckgirlie And tuck your ellipses away, this is a family place.

themistoklis The neighborhood hasn't been the same since people started using run-on sentences.

duckgirlie You can barely go anywhere without people shoving their nominal clauses in your face.

themistoklis These kids and their comma splices baffle me.

duckgirlie And ampersands on TV before 9pm. Disgraceful.

themistoklis Asterisks all over the place. 'Footnotes'? Is that what they're calling it these days?

duckgirlie In my day, anything with a semi colon was kept in brown paper behind the till.

themistoklis You used to have to be twenty-one to get your hands on a tilde.

duckgirlie Now it's inverted commas everywhere you look.

themistoklis People are throwing carats around like they're nothing.

duckgirlie And would it kill them to cover their guillemets up?

themistoklis Honestly, people need to learn to bracket themselves.

duckgirlie Or else there'll be underscores everywhere, and we all know where that leads.

themistoklis All these umlauts make me uneasy.

duckgirlie You can barely tell what's a dieresis any more.

themistoklis I fear the slash has pushed the solidus into extinction.

duckgirlie And all these youngsters getting their interrobangs out for the cameras.

themistoklis Not to mention the hipster wannabes trying to drag out the irony mark again.

duckgirlie Time was when even a hyphen came with a warning label. Now you're lucky if you see one
on a geresh.

themistoklis People just don't care anymore. Now you're getting pilcrows from little kids, even.

duckgirlie I know. And solisuses all over the place. Shocking.

themistoklis All this blatant use of daggers is a sure sign of societal decline.

duckgirlie In my day, we knew what whitespace was, and we respected it. But these kids today...
Woudn't know kerning if it walked up and slapped them.

themistoklis Nobody holds any regard for serifs anymore, either. They can't be bothered to go that extra step to give their fonts some class.

duckgirlie And all these new fonts just popping up all over the place. Anything more then TNR and I start to feel dirty.

themistoklis Available for free all over the place. There should be restrictions on these things.

duckgirlie Don't I know it. I go looking to replace some broken helvetica and suddenly I'm up to my
eyes in wingdings. Disgraceful.

themistoklis It's a crying shame, the way handwritten fonts are thrown around these days. Aren't we trying to be clear and legible, here?

duckgirlie I can see their pen strokes

themistoklis All those loops and whorls, really, for shame.

duckgirlie And the elongated tails. I don't know where to look.

Locked but QWP Context is grammar and the curious presence of bees in excerpt from Gloria Vanderbilt's new erotic novel.

Awesome. Seriously awesome. :D

That was amazing. Oh, and your icon is awesome, too :)

That is truly impressive

Someone Hall of Fame this one. XD

That is amazing. Those two went far enough Beyond The Impossible that it's on TVTropes.


I go looking to replace some broken helvetica and suddenly I'm up to my eyes in wingdings.
And that's where I lost it.

Edited at 2009-07-12 02:24 am (UTC)

*tears up* It's so sad, the decline of society these days. Nothing's been the same since the punctus elevatus went out of style.

That is a long metaquotes that is so entirely worth reading.

I think I need new panties. *fans himself* Lordy...

In my day, anything with a semi colon was kept in brown paper behind the till.