i got 99 problems but a fish ain't one (someidiot) wrote in metaquotes,
i got 99 problems but a fish ain't one

I equip my Torah of +10 summoning power

seiberwing would like to point out that her people are not mages in the RPG of life:

Ugh. I admit to not having the closest of emotional connections to Judaism, but I absolutely hate when people appropriate it for their own purposes, even in the most positive of senses. Yes, go ahead and support Israel all you like, but don't do it because enough Jews there will cast 'Summon Jesus'

EDIT: kookaburra1701 would like to suggest how this might work out:

Namount of Jesus produced = Nnumber of Jews presente(katomic mass of Jew – 1)noldest generation of Jew present

All jokes aside, context is actually a very interesting read.
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