Lyet (lyet) wrote in metaquotes,

Woobie reflects...

From mswoobie:

"Sometimes bicycling is loads of fun. And sometimes, you come across a freshly dead squirrel with a crow picking flesh off the corpse.

Sometimes teaching is supremely fulfilling. And sometimes you come back to your classroom and find the entire place has been trashed by kids that aren't yours and adults who are unapologetic.

Sometimes friends getting promotions and making plans to move are reasons to celebrate. And sometimes you realize you will miss them stopping by on a whim with a bottle of wine and a movie.

Sometimes kittens are beautiful creatures who fill your life with joy. And sometimes they are furry monsters who shred toilet paper rolls and pull out whole drawers full of maxi pads because they like the sound of the wrappers."

Context understands the ups and downs of life.
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