kallaneboi (kallaneboi) wrote in metaquotes,

The most epic Mary Sue Ever

crabby_hermit has something to say: 

Also, bunching all of their admirable traits into one jam-packed fap session? Look, we're not shopping for a car. We can learn these things as we read along, if we're so inclined. Really, when you introduce Sakura Jones Tatahime, we don't need to be immediately bombarded with how she has the best body money can buy, silky and gorgeous maroon hair, sparkling grey eyes, an I.Q. of OVER 9,000!!!, four wheel drive, photographic memory, free checking and savings, a 500GB hard drive with wireless cable connection, a heated pool and fitness center, Celia Ammerman's fashion sense, a sensual laugh, GPS, a full ocean view, a 20-year warranty, and 600 channels.

http://community.livejournal.com/fanficrants/8252437.html <--Context would make a great car-salesman.
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