atomicat (atomicat) wrote in metaquotes,

Bees on Coke!

fruvous  wonders what goes on in the mind of a bee on cocaine.  Context is an article in "Wired" (and how perfect is that) on bees exaggerating their polen finds while on coke.

Scientists have discovered that putting a drop of cocaine on the back of a feeding bee causes the bee to go back to the give and wildly exaggerate how good the pollen was when it tells the other bees about it with it’s “waggle dance”.

Is this poignant, or what? It’s hard not to imagine a wacked out bee making a beeline (ha ha) at supersonic speeds back to the hive and dancing out “Girls! Girls! I just found the most AMAZING pollen! I mean, this is like the VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY best pollen EVER! I feel AMAZING! We need to get all of this shit that we CAN! Holy fuck, if we all eat this pollen, we’ll be able to do ANYTHING! We’ll take over the WORLD! I’m…. I’m gonna go crazy, this shit is AMAZING, I’m…. I’m gonna go sting that eagle! Watch out, motherfuckers!!!!”

And then the afterschool special ends with a poignant shot of an eagle turd with a stinger sticking out of it.

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