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Runway commentary

Okay, so they took a perfectly functional pinstripe suit, one size too small for the model. Wedged him into the pants and roughed him up for wrinkles. Decided that wasn't enough and tore the sleeves off the jacket. While they were doing that, they tossed him a striped buttondown and a black long-sleeve stolen from some punk kid who'd home-sewn on a buckshot bird inside a highway sign. Told him to scramble into all of it while these fashionistas ran rampant through the streets, knocking over a poor steelworker for his plaid shirt and the kilt guy for his sporran belt and brought everything back. They beat up a golfer on their return to the studio and then threw the model onto the catwalk, wearing it all.

--nematoddity, here (with a picture, which really makes the whole thing so much better)
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