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A girl belatedly realizes Zachary Quinto played both Sylar and Young Spock.

lukeyloves: IIRC the guy who plays old adult Spock guest-starred in that monorail episode of The Simpsons??

springandsummer: See, and I keep seeing his head in a jar. One of them animated drawing shows, only about biting a robot's shiny metal ass? Future-whatsit? It'll come to me eventually.

shaysdays: I've heard of this show... I remember the artwork was similar to the Simpsons- think they're related?

3371 no, you're thinking of family guy

shaysdays: That's the one with the alien and the talking Nazi goldfish, right?

3771: the nazi goldfish was what's-it-called, with jerry somethingfeld. you know, the guy that did the voice of the main character in bee movie.

nmdrkangl: Oh.. you mean Clark Kent.

shaysdays: No, I think he means Cousin Larry.

Edited at 2009-05-18 11:13 am (local)

nmdrkangl: Don't be redikulos!

damnit.. you edited!

shaysdays:I thought about keeping the typo, too! LOL.

Must be pretty good stuff, this... spackle.

nmdrkangl: it wasn't a typo! it was an accent!

spockle? is that how he keeps the ears on?

3771: nah, that's vulcanized glue.

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