Bald Eagle (namey) wrote in metaquotes,
Bald Eagle

Regarding a cat adopted from the pound...

The kitty is great. She spent the night in my room, curled up on top of me, after she rearranged the blankets to her liking. She is a firecracker. Very playful. And she is as sweet as they come. Her name is Vegas. In the words of Shellie, she is yellow and red and orange and black and white and all bright, just like Vegas. She purred so hard this morning while I was getting ready for work, she started wheezing through her nose. And of course, fell off the bed because she was rolling around so much. Appearently my new love affair is reciprocated.

Shasta is in fact PISSED OFF! Lots of hissing and howling occured last night. Vegas just looked at her and flopped over on her side as if to say "Look bitch, I have done hard time in the pen, I had chicks like you for breakfast."

nattycat, friends post, with permission.
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