Dancing with Jackals (gethenian) wrote in metaquotes,
Dancing with Jackals

Questions about the New Star Trek Movie to which davidkevin Would Love to See Answers, but Probably Won't

There are no kilometer-deep canyons in Iowa. Did the Xindi weapon carve it when nobody was looking?

How did Nero keep himself occupied for 25 years while waiting for little Jimmy-bhoy to grow up? Was it A.) Pillaging?; B.) Raping?; C.) Burning?; or D.) Watching Pirates of the Caribbean over and over and over again?

What if instead of applying for admission to Starfleet Academy, alternative young Mister Kirk decided to ignore Captain Pike's advice because his soul was satisfied by chartered accountancy?(1) WWNDT?(2)

When dining formally, is one required to address it as "Communist Matter"?

and finally,

Is this where Misters Adams, Kurtzman, and Orci got their notion for How Black Holes Work?

(1) Leading to the new series on the CW network this fall, The Adventures of James T. Kirk, C.P.A., with a dramatic guest appearance by Karl Urban as fellow alternative-accountant Leonard McCoy. ("He's bankrupt, Jim!")

(2) What Would Nero Do Then?

Context is an LJ post, not a goddamn New York Times article!
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