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Lawrence Chu

For a change of pace, a more serious metaquote.

lirazel posted this no-commentary-required article on 8 May.

Back about a decade ago, there was a thing called "The Boston Miracle". Ten ministers from the black community got together to combat gang violence, and did a lot of good; also, a lot of gang members got locked up. At the time, there were some lonely voices saying that taking bad guys off the streets was only a temporary solution, but no one listened much.

Today, the ten ministers are mostly still here, but the bond between them has... relaxed. And now, the bad guys are getting out of prison, and guess what?

Day before yesterday, a young man was standing waiting for a bus to go to school. Not a trouble-maker, not in a gang, not a brash kid or a thoughtless one. Just a 15-year-old boy, waiting for the bus that would take him across town.

And a fellow a few years over walked over and said a few words to him. The boy replied, but did not show fear or concern. And the man pulled out a gun and shot him twice in the head.

In broad daylight, with people all around them, walking back and forth. Cars passing and repassing. It's all on the surveillance tape.

My nephew is black, and 15, and lives near that corner. He's going to Boston Latin School (had to pass a stiff exam to get in), so my sister can't leave the city. But...

What a difference between her city and the place I go for dinner, or to hear a lovely concert, or to walk in a beautiful park and feed the squirrels.

Quoted with permission in its entirety.
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