Amelia (padparadscha) wrote in metaquotes,

Shirtless Kirk > Regular Kirk

bean_bunny reviews the pros and cons of Star Trek:

It starts out sad, then Kirk comes on the screen and he's all, "BITCH I'M JAMES T WHAT YOU GOT" for about 120 minutes. THIS IS THE CORRECT WAY TO MAKE A STAR TREK STORY.

I don't like the Star Treks where they sit around a fucking computer and do math. I like the ones where Kirk and crew hit the ground running, fists blazing, dicks waving, and cowboy the shit out of some aliens before having their way with their women. Or, having their way with each other depending on how you like to view canon. I've tried to watch Next Generation, but it's just Math: The TV Show, and I get confused and/or fall asleep.

Why the blue hell are you going to make a movie with Kirk if he's not running around rip-roaring shirtless for at least a fair portion? The man takes his shirt off because the day ends in Y, dude. Serious.

Then again, I'm pretty sure they could have made their profits go up a cool million just by making up some shit about vulcans not believing in shirts and having Zachary Quinto parade around.* Fangirls would eat that up. I'm the only trek fangirl who wouldn't hump the leg of Spock given the chance.

Context is flocked, qwipped, and not so sure about Shirtless Nimoy.
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