gwalla (gwalla) wrote in metaquotes,

ursulav tackles the classic question of Smurf reproduction:
We went through the usual theories about asexual budding and magic, and then I had the great geek epiphany that in some ways, the Smurfs resemble the first bit of Dan Simmon's Hyperion, and somewhere there must be a smurfiform parasite keeping them alive. This struck me, in my alcoholic state, as genius.
badger appends:
With Gargamel as the Shrike, I believe I added.
duane_kc weighs in:
Smurfs have sex in jelly jars, of course.

What? You've never heard the commercial on TV?

"You know if it's Smucker's, it has to be good."
Context has been courting la fée verte.
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