just jen (jenoofer) wrote in metaquotes,
just jen

ginalin has an unusual way of dealing with one of life's little irritants:

I talk to telemarketers. Oh, I never buy anything from them, because I don't buy things over the doorstep or off the phone but if I happen to get one, I chat with them until they hang up. I talk about whatever comes to mind. I find Jesus works quite well as a topic if you want a very short conversation.

"I'd like to offer you a Visa Card today, with only a 24.5% interest rate!"
"And I'd love to talk to you about Jesus Christ! I'm so glad you called, I've been wanting to share this all day!"
"Um...... well, I'm already a Christian."
"That's wonderful. We can share the gift of Christian fellowship!"
"I have to do my job ma'am."
"I totally understand! Well, have a good day doing that, and I'll pray for you, since you don't want to talk about Jesus...I'm sure he'll understand."


I know it might be hard to pull that off if you're an atheist or an agnostic, it all depends on your acting skill level. But, for getting rid of pesky telemarketers who call every day trying to sell you a "free" vacation in Vegas for a few thousand dollars, it's terrific.
I like to call it "Jesus Saves...me a lot of time of the phone with telemarketers."

Context would like to talk to you about your eternal soul. QWP.
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