Mel (rosin_dubh) wrote in metaquotes,

A sequel, and The_Hunter...

A few days ago, this happened to the_hunter.

And now... "Oh, cock..." the sequel:

"Dear The_ ,

Thank you for your two emails, which I have to say afforded me no small amusement (pun intended).
My wife found them equally amusing, but for different reasons, and I yield to her to furnish a suitable reply.

Dear The_ ,

As you may be aware, my husband is retiring in three months. However, the article to which you referred in your email has been semi-retired for a while now.
I will admit it was once magnificent. I married him for it. And his money. Mainly his money, to be honest. However, it is now, like his money, earning less and less interest.
I must therefore decline your request on his behalf. I'm pretty sure you would not want to take pictures that require having a necromancer on call. Perhaps instead we can interest you in a rather nice Swiss time piece.


Mrs Geoff"

From here - qwp, flocked post.

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